Wes McCallum on politics in the church

I think the presidential primaries are dividing the church and distracting our attention away from evangelism.

During this season a pastor must guard the flock from the following divisions among our members:
Woman promoting Hillary.
Minorities supporting Obama.
Fundamentalists defending Huckabee.
Conservatives marginalizing Mitt's Mormonism.
Pat Robertson marginalizing Rudy's liberalism.
James Dobson's forthcoming endorsement.

-- Wes McCallum


JustinJNierer said...

I've begun to notice that within the churches, its not a question of focus, but a deep rooted hatred for some of the candidates.

I have one dear old saint here that truly believes Hilary is the anti-christ.

Kevin Wright said...

I think it's great that the election will distract us away from evangelism because it might allow us the chance to realize that evangelism is not the sole nature or mission of the church, as it is so often presumed to be. In fact, election season is a wonderful time to rediscover the nature of the church as a worshipping community often overshadowed by the counter-liturgy of the nation state. Let's talk about the church as polis. Let's talk about the politics of Jesus. Let's talk about what we will do in light of our faith convictions. And if we do this, perhaps we will cease to become a gnostic community obsessed with soul winning and learn to inhabit a more holistic communal life of which evangelism is a part, but by no means the crux upon which everything rests.