Gender & Delegates

I remember when general Conference had only one or maybe two women delegates so I went over the list of delegates to see if we have more women than we used to. My quick count tallied the following:

Of the 184 lay delegates there are 60 women. If women are going to get to vote at general Conference it is definitely better to be a laywoman than a minister—about 33% of the lay delegates are women.

Of the 183 ministers there are two (count ‘em!) women—Rev. Ruth Strand, pastor in Western new York, and rev. Joanne Lyon, GBA member--about 1/2 % of the ministerial delegates are women.

(On the other hand we just might elect half of our Women delegates as general Superintendent on Monday!)

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Keith Drury said...

(Monday 5PM update) we did exactly what the final line above predicted... good for Wesleyans.