Harry wood, a conservative, spends

Harry wood, a conservative, spends his huge clout to support memorial..


Chad McCallum said...

atta boy Harry Wood!

Almost Left Coast Drury said...

This memorial has pulled in the most heavyweights to speak. Haines, Wood, Ott, Eastlack, Rampay, Hoover. People with solid reputations and careers are up speaking.

Keith Drury said...

Harry Wood has the largest account of integrity in the entire denomination... and he spent it on this memorial. I do not believe it would have passed without his speech. Wood provided "space" for the conservatives who are strongly against any alcohol use whatsoever to be totally opposed to alcohol and in favor of absolute holiness yet still be willing to approve this memorial which provides a level of voting rights to people less-than-total-abstainers.

Harry Woods public apology from the floor to Kevin Myers (for how Wood handled this issue in Kevin's church during the short time Wood was a GS) so illustrated this man's integrity and holiness that nobody who saw it will ever forget it.