M305 & M360

M305 passed.

M260 bgs veto pwr of new ds nomination... Failed big.. 79 pct no... not a good year for sending power up the line ;-)


Anonymous said...


Was the BGS veto of DS Nominations Mem 260?

Keith Drury said...

Thanks Pastor Rick.... I changed the header.... 305 passed... and 360 was resoundingly defeated.... (by the way all the memorials that appear to be a power-grab by GSs ain't always what it looks like... in some cases (this one?) GBA members (often DSs) feel other districts are electing dunces as leaders and "somebody ought to do something to stop them." Every time we say "somebody ought to.." in our denomination we usually mean the GSs, so every memorial that appears to be a power-grab by GSs wasn't necessarily invented by the GSs...