Pence vote percent - 58

Pence vote percent - 58


Anonymous said...

yikes thats gotta hurt

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Kevin Wright said...

I know of few pastors who would stick around after a vote like that.

Anonymous said...

The GSs used to their power to stop the division of the house, in doing so they have clearly divided the house.

David Drury said...

I think some of this low vote was a result of the messy handling of the entire "division of the house" situation. It left a pall in the air and a general sense that "something is going on." Add that to the fact that this General Conference seems to be a bit miffed at the GBA and GS power centers in general and I think you can "explain" this lower percentage.

For example, since Armiger got 72% this time, that's about 19% lower than last time... did he really do 19% worse in the alst 4 years that before? No I don't think that can be the full explaination, I believe there is "something happening" at this general conference... a grassroots change that is "making a point" to the leadership.

However, we don't have numbers from Dr. Pence from the last Gen Conf to compare to--as he was GBA elected mid-quadrennium. Of course that may have affected the vote in general... anything the GBA touches seems to have a bit of an "asterisk" next to it.

That's the feeling I'm getting from the hallways here at least.

It will pass in 36 hours however and we can all get back to real ministry. :-)


Allen Perdue said...

this is a clear and cut case of

1...grass roots dissatisfaction

2...cronyism and back-door politics to preserve the institution with a little bit of power play for 'job securtiy.'

Will someone please read 'Winning on Purpose' and let's move toward accoutable leadership!

This is NOT about persons or personality, it is about Kingdom Results at every level of the denomination, especially accountability at the very top. It's not about likeability or how well someone can speak. It is about results for the kingdom. Do our leaders follow through with and deliver on what they say in speeches and position papers?

We need leaders, not executives, in this culture...for such a time as this.

Mark O. Wilson said...

I know Dr. Pence well, and count him as my friend. I have worked with him on several projects over the years.

My respect for him continues to grow as I get to know him better. He has always been helpful and gracious to me -- just a small town pastor in the northwoods. I know he values what we pastors on the front lines are attempting to accomplish.

Jerry is a good and godly man, who sincerely desires to serve the Lord and the Wesleyan Church.

He has an extraordinary gift of administration -- and can see things at about six levels deeper than most people. I marvel at this ability, and wish I could untangle complex situations like that.

There was one instance, a year or so ago, when I was facing a very difficult decision, and could not see a clear answer. In a conversation with Dr. Pence, I happened to share this concern -- and within ten minutes of probing questions, he helped me to map out the path to a clear, wise and God-honoring solution.

My prayer is that now, after these elections are over, we will all come together and support our leaders.

We need to pray earnestly for them, and use our energies for the forward advancement of the church.