Special Directions – Memorial 78

The General Conference spent most of the morning fiddling with Memorial 78—"Special Directions" which collected numerous amendments as it went... for voting up or down. Words like “Recommended” "Strongly recommended," "encourages" "profanity" or obscene," “may or may not be” “Violence,” “Excessive violence” or “gratuitous violence” or exactly what it means to observe the Lord’s Day…

My summary is the original memorial loosened up a tad past statements (like eliminating the anti-social dancing statement) and virtually all attempts to tighten up things again failed.

The final memorial passed with a 85% vote.

9But since it was not made effective immediately with a 2/3 vote there will be no dances tonight--or until the Discipline is printed which makes these provisions become effective. ;-)

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rob said...

I am wondering how the approval of this statement in the special directives (especially the little word unnecessary) impacts the alcohol issue?

(i.e.,voluntarily refraining from and totally avoiding the use of something in all unnecessary circumstances as determined by the individual Christian’s conscience in submission to the lordship of Christ and the admonitions of the Church).

I heard that it was not even discussed on the floor (mainly, from what I understand, because those who noticed it liked it and did not want to draw any unnecessary attention to it) but have already heard a number of people talk about how they are going to use this as the new definition of how our denomination view's abstinence since that is in effect what was voted into being today...