SinAlert Personal Alcohol Detector


Catholics and Episcopalians have been drinkers for a long time. Evangelicals are newcomers to the drinking scene. Evangelicals once expected tee-totaling of all Christians but are recently coming to accept moderate drinking of alcohol. Even evangelical bastions like Wheaton, Messiah, and Bethel are melting down their hard line and opening up to drinking among faculty and staff. Evangelical denominations have followed suit and are gradually softening their total-abstinence stance. Even conservative “holiness denominations” like The Wesleyan Church have loosened up enough to permit “Community members” to drink, and have some resolutions headed to the 2008 General Conference to extend these provisions.

THE GENIUS OF THIS DEVICE: Those in favor of loosening up the abstinence stance on alcohol rightly say the Bible does not outright condemn a glass of wine and thus moderate drinking is OK. Yet they also insist that drunkenness is still a sin according to the Bible (1 Cor 5:11; 6:10 etc.)

So how will you know when you have crossed the line from moderate drinking (acceptable) into drunkenness (a sin)? By using this handy device! You simply flip the power button and it counts down 14 seconds while you prepare for the sin test. When the detector beeps, you blow into the vent until you hear a second series of beeps. PRESTO! The device gives you the percentage of blood alcohol content in your body on the backlit LCD readout. You can know for sure when you are about to sin—or if you already have. (Consult your own denominational standards to determine if .08 or .10 is the line where sin begins)

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Keith Drury October 2, 2007

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