Summary of the “rules” of my denomination

(“Covenant Members are expected to commit to these)
1. Honor God’s name.
2. Honor the Lord’s day by going to church .
3. Honor the Lord’s day by avoiding detracting activities.
4. Total abstinence from the occult, witchcraft, & astrology.
5. Give to the church (“remembering” the idea of tithing).
6. Give to the needy.
7. Total abstinence from gambling.
8. Total abstinence from production, sale or purchase of tobacco.
9. Total abstinence from production, sale or purchase of alcohol.
10. Total abstinence from production, sale or purchase of non-prescription drugs.
11. Total abstinence from joining secret societies.
12. Total abstinence from sex outside of marriage.
13. Total abstinence from divorce for any reason other than adultery, homosexual behavior, bestiality or incest.
14. Total abstinence from child abuse.
15. Total abstinence from spouse abuse.
16. Live peacefully with others at home.
17. Nurture children in the home in order to bring them early to Christ.
18. Work together with others at church.
19. Walk in Christian fellowship with other Christians at church with gentleness and affection.
20. Pray for others at church.
21. Help others at church in sickness and distress.
22. Demonstrate love, purity and courtesy to everyone.
23. Attend public worship.
24. Participate in the Lord’s supper
25. Have family devotions.
26. Have personal devotions.
27. Practice fasting.
28. Total abstinence from teaching that tongues is a sign of baptism of Holy Ghost.
29. Total abstinence from speaking in tongues in public worship
30. Total abstinence from promoting a private prayer language of tongues.
31. Give food to hungry people.
32. Give clothing to the destitute.
33. Visit people who are sick.
34. Visit people in prison.
35. Respect individual rights regardless of race, color or sex.
36. Be honest and just in all of life’s dealings.

(Admonitions to members but not commitments)

1. Equal rights. We believe there should be equal rights and opportunities for all individuals politically, economically and religiously.
2. Peace. We take all legitimate means to avoid war & every means to seek peace.
3. Military Service. If a member thinks military Service is contrary to the teaching of the New Testament we will support that person.
4. Substance Abuse. We’re opposed to production, sale, purchase and use of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, narcotics and other harmful drugs.
5. Human Sexuality. We support chastity and purity and vigorously oppose sexual promiscuity. Sex is for enjoyment and procreation in a marriage. Homosexual practice is sinful but we believe God can deliver a person form the practice and the inclination.
6. Divorce and Remarriage. We accept divorce on Scriptural grounds but once a person is divorced no marriage remains and it is not the unpardonable sin.
7. Merchandising on the Lord's Day. We think merchandising on the Lord's Day should be illegal
8. Religion in Public Life. We believe prayer in government activities or in schools should be permitted.
9. Public School Activities. We don’t think schools should be teaching dancing and maintin the rights of our members to seek exemption.
10. Judicial Oaths. We reserve the right for our members to refuse to “swear” in court but rather “affirm.”
11. Abortion. We oppose abortion except in rare pregnancies where the life of the mother is threatened but even then only after prayerful counsel. We encourage our people to get involved in the anti-abortion movement.
12. Use of Leisure Time. We are carefully regulate what we read, listen to and watch on TV, refuse to participate in social dancing or go to the movies that feature the cheap, the violent or the sensual and pornographic. We also refuse to engage in playing games which tend to be addictive or conducive to gambling.
13. Modesty in Attire. We urge our people to dress modestly.

Summary by Keith Drury
January 15, 2005

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Chuck said...

Let's see, Jesus said "that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life."

How many other requirements are there for becoming a Christian?

Why do we have so many to become a Wesleyan?