Why NOT elect JoAnne Lyon GS?

I've been hearing reasons why NOT elect JoAnne Lyon General Superintendent this summer.

--Keith Drury 4/26/08


Chris said...

Sounds good to me. Too bad I don't get a vote.

Ken Schenck said...

Here's my endorsement: Jo Anne Lyon Speaks at IWU's Graduation.

I sincerely think no Wesleyan--not even Orange Scott or Luther Lee--has done more to change the world for Christ, by God's grace. She puts my feeble doings into proper perspective, and I can't think of any other Wesleyan who has ever done that for me, general superintendent or otherwise.

She would have my vote too, if I had one :-)

Sharon said...

Thankfully, there are more ways to influence the church than only voting at GC. Appreciate your comments!

James Watkins said...

I would hate to see a woman with such social and political power--her address book is filled with Washington DC and entertainment movers and shakers--reduced to conducting district conferences and writing position papers that no one reads.

She needs to remain autonomous from the Wesleyan bureaucracy and continue to work in the WORLD providing HOPE on an international level.

Now, if she decided to run for president, she'd have my vote!

vanilla said...

So basically the line of reasoning here is this: to elect Ms. Lyons GS is to remove her from a position where she can wield real influence for Christ in the world?

What, then, is the function of TWC?

Jennie said...

Good question, Vanilla. :)

So, Dr. Drury- is there a ballot or something? And is she on it?

Eric Roemer said...

I think all the reason Dr. Drury gave a great ones and I understand the tension between the idea of her leaving World Hope. But I got to talk to Mrs. Lyon on the phone a couple of months ago and I ask her about it and I could tell right away that she loves the denomination so much and believes that it can be even better than what it is now. I got the sense from our conversation that she really is a great leader and as a great leader she doesn't seem satisfied to build one great thing and ride it out the rest of her life but rather always move on to where she can do the most good next. World Hope is just the latest in a series of great ministries. There are people in Kansas City, St. Louis and Michigan among other places, I sure, that would tell you that they wish she had never left to go to the next place she conquored. I hope Mrs. Lyon does get elected because I think we are due for the same kind of dynamic leader as we have had in the past like Mr. Wesley, Mr. Scott, and Mr. Lee just to name a few.

Bob Smith said...

Instead of just asking, "Why not elect Jo Anne Lyon," Someone should also ask, "Why elect David Holdren?"

Remember him? He's the General Superintendent who quit a few years ago but now wants his old job back. [well Jerry Pence has his old job but you know what I mean].

Most of us remember that his family suffered a tragedy, but I bet not many remember this interview in Wesleyan Life from Fall 2005:

WL: [Wesleyan Life] ...what prompted your resignation?

DH: [David Holdren] There were two factors. Foremost...a family tragedy....

WL: You mentioned a second factor?

DH: Yes, our decision was influenced by a concurrent offer to join the staff of Cypress Wesleyan....The timing of these two events--our family's need and the opportunity at Cypress--seemed to indicate a strong sense of God's providence."

There is a certain sympathy factor involved here, but I think it only fair to point out that, by his own admission, Holdren quit the first time around in part because he got a good job offer.

If elected again, will he stick it out this time? In light of the past couple General Conference cycles, that must be a consideration for anyone voting.

For all the criticism that has been directed Wilson's way, at least he was actually elected on the floor of the General Conference (not some back room deal after a resignation) and he didn't quit--and I'm sure he had offers over the years.

If Holdren gets in but is offered what seems to him another good position next year, what then? Will he stick around? I'm not so sure.

Pastor Al said...

Greetings All,

Was hoping to meet JoAnne Lyon before she gets any more popular! Sense that she is committed to World Hope...which might be the ONLY reason she is not the next GS.

Marc said...

My understanding is that Ms. Lyon is willing to accept the position. I sure hope it happens. We need some dynamic leadership and the servant-leadership she models!


Phil & Kathy said...

I would vote for her if I had a vote. I kind of feel like Jim Watkins though too. JoAnne is a person who oozes Jesus in our world. She just doesn't talk about her faith---she lives and breaths it. I have a deep respect for her and either way GS or not, she will continue to make a difference in our world. Quite a challenge to the rest of us!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Smith,could it be possible that, in God's providence, a position opened for Dr. Holdren at a time when he was needed by his family more than the denomination? I respect him more for prioritizing the needs of his family than I would have for "sticking around" as GS. Whether or not he should be GS is another issue, but please do not criticize a man for keeping his priorities in the right place. - TWF